Blue Valley North Mustangs Band Booster Club

Mustang Band Booster Club (MBB)

Why we exist

  • The MBB is organized and operated for the charitable and educational purposes of Blue Valley North Mustangs Band students.

Who are the members of the Club?

  • All parents, guardians, or other persons with a child in Blue Valley North High School band are voting members of the organization. The Principal, Assistant Principals, and band directors are non-voting, advisory members of the organization. 

What roles can members take to further the Club's mission?

  • The MBB Executive Board consists of members who volunteered or were nominated to help guide the MBB for a year-long term. Offices include:

President - The President leads the BVN MBB and Executive Board and acts as a resource for all board members and committee chairs. The meetings are once monthly and are scheduled for one hour. Signatory for checks for the Club. Also works to engage more parents in the club. 

Vice-President (min 2 year term) - The VP assists the President and presides over all meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice-President will become the President the following year. 

Secretary - keeps records and minutes of all organization and Executive Board meetings. Signatory for checks for the Club.

Treasurer (2 year term min) - The Treasurer(s) will receive monies consisting of fundraising efforts and band dues from Blue Valley North Band, keep accurate receipts and expenditures, and make disbursements in accordance with the approved budget as authorized by the BVNBB, the General Board and/or the Executive Board. Currently, there are two treasures. The Treasurer-Elect serves on the board and support the Treasurer while learning and serves as Treasurer the following year.

At Large Board Members - oversee committees and provide additional support for hospitality and other band activities.

  • Our next elections for the 2024-2025 year will occur May. 

Nominations Form


  • Committee Chairs are members who volunteered to help drive the success of a particular fundraising campaign or area of need. 
  1. Car Wash - Traditionally our late summer and our largest fundraising event
  2. Chaperones - accompany band students on buses on trips to and from football games and festivals
  3. Concert on the Lawn - end of school year celebration in May consisting of a catered dinner and end of the year concert
  4. Concessions - helps fundraising by staffing concession stands during football, soccer, and basketball games.
  5. Equipment Crew - moving and setup of equipment and props during football season and fall marching competitions.
  6. Feed the Band - ordering food to feed the band on various occasions
  7. Hen House Bagging - fund raiser bagging groceries at Hen House in November and December
  8. Hallway Decorations - decorate band lockers for various events throughout the year
  9. Pancake dinner - spring fundraiser catered by Chris Cakes
  10. Picture and Video Manager - manage photos and videos contributed to the group for use in communications and on the website
  11. Spirit Wear - design and selection of BVN Band Spirit Wear
  12. Webmaster - no web experience needed - manage our site through the BoosterHub tool
  • Other volunteer role examples:
  • Help with serving, cashiering, setup, teardown, and other member roles at events
  • Chaperone to and from events
  • Assist with Marching Band logistics
  • Bring cookies/drinks to concert receptions
  • Donate other supplies as needed for events

How do I as a member express interest in helping?

2023-2024 MBB Board

  • President - Caroline Danda
  • Vice President - Amber Wallace
  • Secretary - Heather Nix
  • Treasurer - Janna Raper
  • Co-Treasurer - Uma Kambhampati
  • At Large Members
  • Paula Nichols
  • Heather Nix

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